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Scenes From the Hill

Our Cherry Hill Country Club course is beautiful in the fall. Please check out the beautiful fall photos, and come and experience it in person.

Steve Deitz, Jourdan Deitz, Cynthia and Steve Olson
L to R - Steve Deitz, Jourdan Deitz, Cynthia and Steve Olson

Scotty, Jimmy, Bun, Gene
L to R - Scotty Bailey, Jimmy Fraley, Bun Lindsey,
Gene Underwood

Tony and Fruin
L to R - Frewen Gainer, Tony Mazzella

Timmy, John, Larry, Kevin
L to R - Timmy Meadows, John Estep, Larry Zirilli,
Kevin O'Dell

Anna, Pete and Tony
L to R - Anna Ellison, Pete Lloyd, Tony Mazzella


Dr. Chang's Hole-in-One

Dr. Hao Chang of Richwood sank his first ever "hole-in-one" on the Par 3, 137 yard #9 on July 25, 2009. Chang used a 6 iron to accomplish the feat of a lifetime.