Golf Etiquette and Local Rules

Golf is a game which should be enjoyed by everyone who plays it. For this to happen, there have to be some standards of behavior and consideration for others during a round.

Probably the most important thing to know about on the golf course is when to shout ‘FORE’ and what to do if you hear it in the distance. If you’ve played a shot that looks like it could hit or fly near someone – shout ‘FORE’ immediately. If you hear ‘FORE’ shouted in your direction, try to make yourself as small a target as possible – a very hard little ball is heading in your direction!

In addition to this guide, here are a few more practices that you should always carry out:

If you find that you are loosing ground on the group in front and holding up the group behind you – call them through. If you have lost a ball, after a minute or so wave the next group through – don’t wait the five minutes when you play a shot from the fairway, if you’ve taken a divot replace it. Always rake a bunker after you have played from one (leave the bunker in the condition that you would like to find it) When you hit your ball onto the green don’t forget to repair your pitch marks (and any others you see around.)

Once on the green, make sure you don’t drag your feet, as this causes spike marks

When you have holed out, remove the ball from the hole carefully, with your hand. Do not put your putter head into the hole to fish the ball out – this can cause major damage to the hole.If you follow these simple guidelines, you will enjoy golf to the fullest and, as importantly, so will your fellow golfers.

Try to turn up for your tee time a few minutes early, you always seem to get off to a bad start when you’re rushing about.

Make sure that when you are taking a practice swing or going to hit the ball, nobody is standing in a position where they could be injured by either the ball, or anything else that may be moved as a result of you hitting the ball.

If you have a trolley or are using a cart make sure you keep them off the tees and greens.

If you must have a practice swing on the tee make sure you don’t take a divot.

If during your actual tee shot you do take a divot, don’t replace it — some courses (normally on the par threes) have a small box containing a mixture of sand and seed. When these are available, fill the divot hole with the mixture.

When you are waiting for a fellow golfer to play their shot, make sure you don’t distract them or disturb their concentration in any way.

Try not to take too long over your shots and walk briskly between them.

Although regarded by many (who don’t know) as the epitome of “stuffy” golf, good etiquette is at the heart of the game.


Holes 1 – 6 and holes 10 – 15
Tee Shot is opposite fairway beyond trees. Play ball as it lies.

All holes – out of bounds beyond fences – Stroke and Distance

Holes 5 & 14 – Lay out of graveyard, not nearer hole.

Holes 6, 9-15, & 18 in apple orchard must be played as lies. Tree line is boundary.

Holes 8 & 17 – Out of bounds in woods.

Play winter rules only on the fairway of the hole you are playing.

Fix ball marks on greens and replace divots.

Allow faster players to play through when hole ahead is open. No exceptions!

No fivesomes on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays.

DO NOT LITTER. Keep Cherry Hill Country Club beautiful and clean.

Turn in score cards for handicap computing.

Keep all golf carts 30 feet from Greens. Only 2 persons and 2 golf bags per cart.